LID Suburban Residential Design Competition

English + Associates competed in The Houston Land Water Sustainability Forum's LID Design Competition. Our Neighborhood, Verde Lakes, was submitted in the category of Suburban Residential Development, which represented an actual property for which the owner had an interest in developing, all while utilizing the sustainable methods to be showcased in the competition.

Our scheme's signature is a series of well distributed, smaller “green” (Verde) lakes, as well as several Low Impact Development (LID) techniques throughout the development.  In general, our approach accomplished the following goals:

  1. Match or reduce development costs for the overall subdivision.
  2. Filter storm water of pollutants and refuse prior to outfall.
  3. Reduce acreage dedicated to detention basins and associated excavation costs
  4. To dissipate runoff water more slowly to compensate for reduced dedicated detention area.  

The Verde Lakes Master Plan accomplished the goals of reducing developer costs, as well as reducing infrastructure costs passed on to residents through MUD taxes.  Larger residential lots will compete favorably with the surrounding market.  Distributing amenities allow the majority of the lots to be adjacent to or close proximity to ponds, trails, vegetated swales, and recreation facilities.  Our “green” development approach was designed to be affordable, be technically feasible, meet Harris County requirements, and provide a desirable product to the entry level housing market.

Design Competition

  • 640-acre master planned "Verde Lakes" community
  • Low Impact Development methodologies
  • Sustainable site development design