I-45 Medical Office Building

An existing, aging bank-anchored office building was procured by the client prior to selecting an architect, with hope of performing a modest interior remodel.  Our facility evaluation uncovered numerous deficiencies in the existing building envelope and HVAC system - both required extensive service, at minimum.  Modeling showed that full replacement of both the building envelope and the HVAC system with complementary and efficient counterparts would result in a 10-year payback on the initial investment.  This is an accelerated time frame over replacement of either portion individually. Implementing a high-performance building skin and more efficient HVAC system at the time of construction allowed for smaller HVAC equipment, less down-time, lower maintenance and operational costs and the value of a high return on investment.

Houston, Texas

  • 81,000 ft² of mixed-use space:
    • Administrative office
    • clinical, diagnostic + procedural suites
    • wellness clinic
    • in-house pathology laboratory
  • $16.4M implementation of all services rendered